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Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Instructor - Led Training

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This is a virtual instructor led training. If you are interested in this course, please send an email to with the subject line "Interested in Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence" to know the timings and slots of training. 

Watch Course Overview Video:

Do you want to be a Machine Learning Engineer?, a Data Scientist?, a Deep Learning Engineer? or you just want to learn Basic Python programming to get started with Artificial Intelligence. Then you are at the right place!

This course will help you discover the power of Python to examine data, design attractive visualizations, and various Data processing techniques to get your data ready, to train an AI model.

This course takes you through the basics of Python programming and then you get to do some interactive visualization plots which will help you understand your data well and you will be studying some Data pre-processing techniques.

This course will serve as a pre-requisite/ basics for next Intermediate and Advanced level course in Artificial Intelligence.

This course has over 50+ HD video lectures and detailed code notebooks for every lecture along with exercise and detailed solutions notebook for practice. In addition to this, you get an opportunity to get connected with the instructors through the slack platform where you can request for Live sessions for doubt clearing and you can also post your doubts/queries which you face so that our instructors will help you understand the concept well and they are available to you at your convenience.

This course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Python Programming
Introduction to Google Colab
Getting Hands-on with Google Colab
Print Statement Part - 1
Print Statement Part - 2
Lists and Comments
Booleans and Tuples
Comparison Operators
if, if-else and Elif Statements
Conditional Statements
for Loop and while Loop
Range and List Comprehension
Glob, Zip Unzip and Enumerate
Functions in Python
Map, Lambda expression and Filters
Methods in Python
Python Exercise
Python Exercise Solution
Numpy Array
Numpy Array Index 1
Numpy Array  Index 2
Numpy Conditional Selection
Numpy  Operators
Numpy Exercise - 1
Numpy Exercise - 1 Solution
Numpy Exercise - 2
Numpy Exercise Solution - 2
Pandas Series
Pandas Data Frame - 1
Pandas Data Frame - 2
Missing Values and GroupBy
Pandas Concatenating
Pandas Merging and Joining
Pandas Operations
Data Input and Output
Pandas Exercise - 1
Pandas Exercise - 1 Solution
Pandas Exercise - 2
Pandas Exercise - 2 Solution
Introduction to AI
Introduction To Statistics
Mean, Mode, Median, Standard Deviation
Matplotlib Part 1
Matplotlib Part 2
Matplotlib Part 3
Matplotlib Exercise
Matplotlib Exercise Solution
Seaborn Distribution Polts
Seaborn Categorical Polts
Seaborn Matrix Plots
Seaborn Grid Plots
Seaborn Regression Plots
Style and Color in Seaborn
Seaborn Exercise
Seaborn Exercise Solution
Pandas Built In Data Visualization
Pandas Visualization Exercise
Pandas Visualization Exercise Solution
Plotly and Cufflinks
Plotly Exercise
Plotly Exercise Solution
Choropleth  Map
Choropleth Exercise
Choropleth Exercise Solution
Calls Project
Calls Project Solution
Finance project
Data Cleaning
Data Transformation and Data Splitting
Bank Exit Project
Bank Exit Project Solution


Don't forget to watch the course overview video in the description to get an insight into what you will be learning in the course. Learners are expected to complete the Python Programming course within 45 days after the purchase of the course.

You can download the course content in pdf format from here: Course contents


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